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November 25, 2011
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MM- Hui-ying Wu App by MistiousStar MM- Hui-ying Wu App by MistiousStar

Let's take a look at the past revamps :iconpapmingplz:

The "ABOMINATION" First App created on 11/25/2011
First revamp created on 03/16/2012
Second Revamp created on 08/13/2012
Third Revamp Created on 10/22/2012
Fourth Revamp Created on 01/17/2013
Fifth Revamp Created on 05/17/2013
Sixth Revamp Created on 07/29/2013

:iconmmhui:Hui-Ying:...*fan fan* Excuse me do you need something?

N a m e : 吴慧英 (Wu Hui-Ying)
-means Wise, intelligent, clever- Pronunciation -wu (Last Name) hway ying (First Name)

A g e : 18

D O B : December 25, XXXX

G e n d e r : Female

Y e a r L e v e l : 2nd year ( Foreign Exchange student)

W e a p o n : Fan
(because she's already familiar with the weapon, she was taught how to fan dance since she was 6. Highly skilled in welding a fan, was taught how to maneuver a fan based on dancing. At times in Self performances, she would display ways of using the fan in self defense/combat, yet still look graceful.)

The current fan she is using was personally made with a help of an acquaintance back in Beijing, the front and back of the fan is support and protects the user from injures while using it (White) . The fan consists of 10 blades, the yellow portion of the fan is the sharp blade itself as a weapon can be used as strike or slash damage. The weapon is useless and harmless when closed (to shadows) tho when closed she can still use the fan to fan whack people. This fan is heavier than normal Fans.

A r c a n a : II. High Priestess
High Priestess suggests duplicity, deception, untruth, illusion, error, and delusion. This is where the subconscious repeats, reflects, and elaborates mistaken results of faulty observations or conclusions.

:new:Ar c a n a R a n k: Rank 8

S u i t: Pentacles.

P e r s o n a : Tsuri Sakura AKA Sakura Tree
MM Custom Tsuri Sakura by MistiousStar

H e i g h t : 5'1"

W e i g h t: 110 lbs, 49.8 kg

N a t i o n a l i t y: Chinese

L i k e s :

+ Peace and quiet, reads a lot
+ Lights of any kind, such as sunlight, moonlight, sparkles from a gem,heck even a flash light
+ Charms, such as talismans, and lucky pouches
+ Playing games/mostly strategy and puzzle games
+ Cherry blossoms (Sakura), Colorful flowers
+ All seasons because Sakura blooms in different seasons depending on the place
+ Rainy weather
+ Loves Spicy food
+ Loves to push herself and take on challenges
+ Sports (use sports as a stress reliever like Kendo)
+ Pandas

D i s l i k e s :
- Messy/unorganized things, Urge to clean it up with her Sand Paper Baby Wipes
- Ghosts (as strong as she poses, she is scared of the thought of ghosts, because of the stories her Step Brother Jian tells her when she was little)
- Sweets (she doesn't dislike it, she Hates it, because of a horrible experience when she was in middles school)
-Large bodies of water ( although she can swim she has Thalassophobia)
- English ( Horrible at this subject)
- Rude people (( especially upon first meeting))

P e r s o n a l i t y : Organized, quiet and peaceful girl. Looks gentle at first sight, however she is full of surprises once you get to know her. Past few months, she has been encountering drama and events one after another, which triggered her to question the trust and bond between herself and her friends. Slowly she finds herself withdrawing, and ends up putting up a face or an act when she meets new comers or strangers

Only a selected close few knew about this, since she was open enough to either confess, or was forced to spill the bean when her close friends point out she is acting strange. Caution, once she starts to know you and think of you as a trustable friend, she will end up worrying about you...bad side is... she'll start to think negatively and believe Her friends deserve more than a girl like, and WILL think lowly of HERSELF.

S t r e n g t h s

:star:Fast reactor/ Good reflex (Even if she is midway daydreaming she can react proper as soon as she snaps out of it)
:star: Light and fast on her feet
:star:Mature (to an extent)
:star: In Cosplaying or on stage - putting on faces and attitudes of different character and hiding her own
:star:Close and important friends: is her weakness and strength, would do anything to help them out, and they are also her drive to continue to fight what obstacles are up ahead.

W e a k n e s s

:star:Her stare/glare drives away a lot of poeple (the Evil/killer Aura)
:star:She can be rude, and straight to the point
:star: There is a specific spot on her body when touched she moans and becomes too shy to do anything ( an achilles spot,)
:star:Close and important friends: is her weakness and strength, would do anything to help them out, and they are also her drive to continue to fight what obstacles are up ahead.

H i s t o r y : ( Longer history here: )

Grew up in Beijing, China with her Mom, Step-father and older Step-brother (Jian Ly). She used to be a wealthy child that is until her father died in a fire, and with only her mother protecting her. They both got shooed out of the main house and off to the streets. Of course it didn't discourage her mom. Instead her mother stayed strong and fought on. Hui's mom worked long and hard to give the best she can for Hui her only child. One day it seems she finally found a safe haven and got married.

Her Stepfather who favored boys over girls, was strict, and A horrible drunk who abuses and constantly injures Hui's mom and at one point Hui. They're not considered too poor so Hui-ying and her Step-brother gets the previlage to go to school and take exams. Overall, the girls in the house gets no position to say anything or make any decisions. Hui-ying's mom is afraid to leave her Step-father because she worries about Hui-ying's future and their living expenses. In addition, In China each household can only have one child. So when her mom re-married (her current Step-father) She was disowned by her step father and was put up for adoption. Lucky a kind aunty took her in and was a friend of her mom.

Hui worked at the age of 13, preparing and saving up money as a back up plan for the future. The opportunity arises when slots for a foreign exchange program opened. Her Step-father scold and forbids Hui-ying from entering. She couldn't take it anymore.She knows it's dishonorable to talk back to an elder but her Step-father is getting on her nerves and one day She yelled back and blurted out all the anger and frustration. As a result, She was slapped on the face and was called "You dishonorable bitch" From then on, She confirmed her hatred upon men , and avoids all contact with them. In the end, through her Aunty she was able to talk to her mom and she was supported by both ladies on the exchange program. And So she starts a new adventure as a foreign exchange student Living independently the way she has always been. She continues to work for the money and sends it back to her Aunty and Mom so they can use it and show that she still remembers, care, and respect them.

Of course after spending so much time in Higashimori High, she has changed so much. Externally for the better, internally she is unstable, Yet holding in there because of her close friends.

(More history if you want to read: )

T r i v i a :
:star:Ex-Boyfriend Wagner "Ellis" Kanata :
:star:Current Boyfriend Sora Samurakami :
:star: She has Heterochromia iridum, Her right eyes is Brown, her Left is (Turquoise blue)
:star: She is afraid of large bodies of water - Thalassophobia
:star: Trauma with sweets.
:star: She has Peripheral neuropathy, From 9-12 years old she was home schooled because the nerves on her leg refused to work, it was a genetic thing passed down from her father. currently taking medicine and on rehab to make sure it won't happen again.
:star: She has MPD (multiple personality disorder) Alternative persona, Queenie.
:star: Works in "Tenshi no Cafe" Maid cafe as part time. Also works for Gou (Ryuuen's Uncle) Data organizing
:star: is in Kendo, Tennis, and News paper Club
:star: Hui wears one of the ring on her right hand pinky, the other ring she gave to Sora, her boyfriend.
:star: Is a great cook, often in her free time she would try new recipes, or experiment on dishes.
:star: She can play the flute, however would love to learn to play the piano.
:star: Currently taking fencing lessons and learning Italian from her Adopted Brother Antares L Virtus.

M o r p h o s P o i n t s :

Hui-Ying's Bank by MistiousStar

I n v e n t o r y :
< please refer to the tab labeled 'Inventory'>…

Too much to update constantly, but if interest in Social Link/ rank and what Hui thinks of your character just drop a comment, or ask me <3

(MPD)Queenie the more outgoing, flirtatious, and thrill loving persona. She is picky in meeting people when she comes out. She is more attracted to poeple who pose to be interesting in her eyes. Often her flirty nature was used to test those around Hui wither they take the bait or not was a part of the judment process, however she developed her own way of seeing life and in part she grew attracted to one specific person. this will remain a secret for now ohohoh Not really into the whole graceful delicate thing, she is the more forward and dominate type. Rather weild a whip than a fan.

Reference Sheet

Updated Hui: R6 Hui revamp by MistiousStar
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